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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ideology of SUSU Control Dept. !!!

The Country Administration

Subject: To control the 'here-there-everywhere type SUSU doers'.

yyooo... men peeing outside the public toilet...
Dear Administrator, I’m sorry to disrupt you. With this application I request you to establish a full functioning ‘SUSU Control Department.’ I know you don’t have any lena-dena with these facts but it is very stinky at most of the places here in this country. I feel very bad to see people doing SUSU near bus stops. By the way… they are capable of stopping a big bus… but they can’t even stop their SUSU… huhh. Though there is a public toilet nearby, but they (& me too… lol) find it better to do SUSU outside, because those toilets stink like your government and it feels really awesome when you pee in open area... wow...
look who is peeing... lol
It is shameful to watch them writing their names on walls with their SUSU in different creative fonts. Sometimes to write their complete names they keep shifting right, if they have less amount of SUSU in storage then they write their pet names only. It is very shameful, but I also have sympathy to those SUSU doers, I observed that when they do SUSU on walls, that SUSU returns back to kiss the feet of their originator… and they don’t like their wet shoes. It’s high time you take some serious actions, because slogans like “Dekho Kutta moot raha hai!!!” and “Gadhe ke poot yahaan mat moot” is not working any more. Walls with such punch lines are used as glow sign boards;
it confirms that they can do SUSU there.
Girls... definitely not enjoying a peeing man... :
It is the effect of huge population, that even at such road side pee places there is a queue… they need to wait for their chance to do SUSU. I have seen them waiting for their turn and watching others to get done. During that waiting time, when they find someone, doing SUSU in vehicle indicator style… On-Off… On-Off… On-Off… they feel very irritated. Some of the road sides of this city are having a mud like condition because of overflow of SUSU. Women passing through, feel very embarrassed, and probably jealous too ‘cos they can’t have it like that. 
So considering all these facts kindly establish a SuSu Control Department. Because if we didn’t controlled them now… they won’t be controlled then, and it will become exactly the same as ‘We can’t stop you by peeing on our Nation’!!!

Jai Desh

Peeing Abhishek

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